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How to Restore Default Android System Lost Applications - Currently the operating system or OS is very diverse, from Symbian OS, BlackBerry, to the latest Android OS. Each of these operating systems is equipped with various features, but all of them cannot be separated from various advantages and disadvantages. And now one of the OS that is a favorite of gadget lovers is the Android OS, because it can be said that this OS has many advantages, especially on the features offered. Although it has many advantages, this operating system also has several disadvantages, one of which is the condition when suddenly the default Android application is lost. So how do we react?
Many people who when they encounter the features contained in their favorite smartphone disappear become panicked and confused. But that is not the right action, because the loss of applications in the Android operating system is one thing that is natural. And on this occasion we will provide a little information related to how to restore the default Android system application that is missing, and the following complete details for you.
Cause of Loss of Application Default from Android Operating System
As we know the Android operating system includes a variety of default features that are quite famous, and if there are several applications that suddenly disappear, there are several ways you can do it to restore it. Before we discuss how to restore the default Android system application that is missing, you must know the cause of the loss of the default application on Android which is caused by Chace or junk files that continue to increase when we open the Android application, besides the default application can be lost if you accidentally delete or because it crashes with another application downloaded by itself.
How to Restore Android System Default Applications That Are Missing Due to Chace
In addition to making memory more filled with junk files, Chace can also hide the default application of the Android operating system. how to restore the default Android system application that was lost due to this Chace stack is to delete it, the method is quite easy. You only need to open the settings menu, select apps and finally slide in all mode. There you can find the default application that is missing, select the application that was lost and select clear data. In this way the application that is lost due to Chace will return.
How to Restore a Lost Android System Application That Wiped Out
How to restore the default application of the missing Android system then to restore the deleted application. Sometimes we feel that some applications on Android are useless and meet internal memory. Many of us are hurrying to replace it with new applications. But at the time of needing back the deleted application, just felt confused and looked for a similar application. This is actually not necessary, because you can re-enter applications that have been deleted into the system, how to simply inject the application and don't forget to change the permissions so that the process of returning the application is successful.
How To Restore Android System Default Applications That Are Lost Due To Crash
Crash is an event where the default application piles up with other similar applications which results in the loss of one application or both. If this happens you can uninstall the download application to restore the default Android application. Thus some ways to restore the lost Android system default application that we can submit, hopefully useful.
Description: How to restore the default Android system application that is lost can be done if we know the underlying cause of the loss of the default application from the smartphone first.

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