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The price of Evercoss One X which is one of the ranks of Android One is quite interesting. Evercross itself is already well known as one of the lower middle class smartphone vendors with specifications that are quite capable when compared to other middle class smartphone specifications. The ambition is quite large from Google as the owner of the project in marketing smartphones is quite large, but even so they also still pay attention to the quality aspects of the smartphone features they offer. Although there is no difference that is too striking from Evercross One X with Android One smartphone types in general, but it never hurts you to know the specifications of Evercross One X.Besides the cheap price of the Evercross One X, the Evercross One X also has several advantages in terms of specifications. Which among others are already equipped with the latest Android operating system, even you can continuously upgrade your operating system to follow the development of the Android operating system that continues to advance. In terms of appearance Evercross One X is displayed on a 4.5 inch screen with IPS display panel technology resolution of 480 x 856 pixels. Although the specifications are quite low, the appearance of the Evercross One X has been helped by a sharper IPS panel. For the design it still looks very simple with plastic material for the body cover.
In terms of spur kitchen, Evercross One X pinned a MT6582 MT6582 chipset speed Quad core 1.3 GHz and GPU Mali-400MP2 with RAM support with a capacity of 1 GB. The price of the Evercross One X does not differ much from other Evercross smartphones indeed makes the processor specifications do not differ much. But on this Evercross One X you can already enjoy all smartphone applications with the Android Lollipop 5.1 operating system which will be continuously upgraded every 2 years. With 8 GB of internal memory and external memory that can reach 32 GB and the use of a 1700 mAh battery that can last up to 10 hours for normal use is certainly quite safe if you use it when traveling.
While in terms of photography, the features offered are not very satisfying, but considering the price of Evercross One X which is very affordable, this is certainly very understandable. Where to camera features, Evercross One X uses a 5 megapixel resolution lens for the front camera that is supported with LED flash and autofocus like the latest smartphones in general. As for the front camera, the embedded lens has a resolution of 2 megapixels with a fairly good image sharpness so it's quite satisfying for selfies and video call activities and so on.
Latest Evercross One X Prices
When compared to other middle class smartphones, the price of the Evercross One X is indeed very cheap, not even experiencing significant price changes. For December 2015, one unit of Evercross One X smartphone is priced at around Rp. 1,229,000.00.
Behind the very affordable price, Evercross One X also catches some shortcomings that you should pay attention to, among others, the screen resolution is still quite small because it has not used HD technology besides that the process used also still uses 32-bit design. Thus the latest information about the price of Evercross One X that we can convey, wait for our next update.
Description: The price of the Evercross One X output from Android One is indeed very affordable when compared to the prices of other middle class smartphones. But for those of you who have quite limited earners, there's no harm in considering this smartphone to facilitate your mobility.

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