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An easy way to take screenshots of the latest Asus Zenfone screen - Smartphones are a necessity that cannot be separated from its users, and one of the most popular smartphones is the Asus Zenfone smartphone. In addition to its robust specifications, the price offered is also quite affordable and is presented in several series, including Asus Zenfone 4.5 and 6. After selling well with its previous series, Asus also presents its next generation Asus Zenfone 2 which is not less in demand with previous generations .
Get to know the Sceenshot feature on the Asus Zenfone screen
Asus Zenfone series is equipped with the latest features, one of which is a screen screenshot feature. Have you known the term seceenshot? Most of you may already know it, yes screenshots are a shooting feature found on the screen display. This feature is one feature that is quite popular, mainly used to show people about the appearance that we are seeing on a smartphone. Through this feature you can capture images from the screen without using a camera, then how to easily take screenshots of the latest Asus Zenfone screen? Next we will provide complete information for you.
An easy way to take screenshots of the latest Asus Zenfone Series screen
There are several easy ways to take screenshots of the latest Asus Zenfone screen. All of the Asus Zenfone series have specifications that are not much different, so that in terms of operation they are equally happy, including in taking screenshots. In general, how to take screenshots of Asus Zenfone is not much different from smartphones in general that carry the Android operating system. But a little difference, in Asus Zenfone, users will be greatly facilitated, because on the screen the smartphone is equipped with recent apps capacitive buttons that can take screenshots with just one touch. Following are the steps.
The easy way to take screenshots on the latest Asus Zenfone screen is the standard way, by pressing the power button and volume down simultaneously for approximately 2 seconds, then the image you want will automatically be stored in the gallery. But this method will be a problem if one of the buttons above cannot work. And if that happens you can use the screenshot on the second Asus Zenfone screen.
An easy way to take screenshots on the second latest Asus Zenfone screen is to use the recent apps button. The trick is to activate the latest capacitive features apps contained in the Asus menu Customized settings, then select the recent apps settings and select Tap you hold to capture screen to activate the feature. After being active you can take screenshots just by pressing the recent apps button in the lower right corner.
And the last way is to add a screenshot button in the quick setting panel. To activate it, the method is quite easy by tapping the edit icon with a pencil and paper at the top of the quick setting panel. Look at the list of available tools and select the screenshot icon, then check the box next to the screenshot icon and save. To take screenshots you only need to shift the quick setting panel to find the screenshot menu. So some easy ways to take screenshots of the latest Asus Zenfone screen that we can submit, hopefully useful.
Description: An easy way to take screenshots of the latest Asus Zenfone screen is presented to give you convenience in operating the Android-based screenshot feature.

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