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The Inspirational Story of Life is based on this Real Story coming from Japan. The teacher is able to sense that the time of life in the world is not long, so he gives the last homework to his students who make many people moved. Before that special Master breathed his last breath, he still had time to give homework to his students. If generally the students are indifferent and lazy to do homework but for this one homework does not make the students indifferent, but crying when viewing PR. With a chalk the Master began to write the PR on the board, he wrote the homework as his last assignment to his students.

Here's what the teacher does:
This last PR has no time limit.
Be a happy person.
As you work on this task, I may be in heaven.
Do not rush to do it.
You are free to use your time.
But one day, please collect and tell me,
"I did it. I'm happy ".
I'll wait for him.
PR from this Life Inspiration Story Of course be the last homework of the most moving in the world. There's even one Twitter account sharing the last PR photo taken from the board. The teacher who wrote the assignment had just died. But what he did in his last moments was very impressive. She really does her job as a teacher, ensuring that her protege not only learns for academic demands but also to be a happy person.

Everyone would want to be successful at a young age, but to be successful at a young age is not easy. Maybe the story of a woman fanny chan who can be successful at the age of 25 following years can be an inspiration for us all.

van sulam eis - fanny chan "Successful entrepreneurs must have been cheated and never went bankrupt" That's the principle held by fanny chan, owner van sulam eyebrow & academy so he can succeed at a young age. although still 25 years old, his ability to do business can not be underestimated.

After dozens of times to open - close the business ranging from food to retail trade, finally in 2013 ago fanny trying business services beauty eyebrow embroidery. "From 1 day 1 patient to 3 patients, then increase up to record one day 8 patients at once" recalls fanny.

From the original contract finally in 2015 fanny can buy the first shop located in surabaya, pakuwon city.

And in the year 2017 now fanny has given shop both located in north Jakarta, Pantai Indah Kapuk (PIK).

Not only established a place for eyebrow embroidery, embroidery eyeliner, and embroidered lips, fanny chan also set up a course for anyone who wants to learn eyebrow embroidery. So a total of thousands of students have been graduated. Course price alone ranges from 2.5jt to 30 million rupiah.

But not only offer services & courses eyebrow embroidery, now fanny chan open opportunities for anyone to join to set up studio eyebrow eyebrows & academy with the concept of cooperation. For the cost of partnership itself is very affordable only for 75 million rupiah. The advantages gained by the partners are very much including the use of van brand trademarks for 2 years, materials tools, 1 person to be trained as a teacher as well as embroidery experts, and computer programs.

"Partners only need to provide a place of business & Human Resources (SDM) 2 people, the rest of the center that will help find patients and students courses" bright fanny while showing 2 book profile life journey that has been published in all bookstores in indonesia entitled " indonesia sucessful young entrepreneurs "and" most inspiring entrepreneur ". With minimal capital but the turnover of millions of millions of partners can BEP within 6-12 months.
The advantages of van sulam eyebrows & academy in comparison with the same businessman is the only one certified first dispenser course in Indonesia, the van also provides 2 diploma one diploma dispendik one more official international diploma from academy korea. For the van module book on eyebrow embroidery steps can be purchased at all gramedia book stores entitled "secret embroidery eyebrow" for beginners & professionals.

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